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To commemorate the millennium, a second series of millennium coins have been selected from over 66,000 designs submitted by Canadians. The image displayed on each and every coin expresses the dreams of our nation for a powerful new millennium and the promise of success for generations to come.

Each Quarter is for one month of the year 2000.


Canada’s first coin of the year 2000 showcases the artistic talents of Winnipeg freelance graphic designer Donald F. Warkentin, whose passion for his country and optimism about its future shines through his inspiring design, “Pride.”

Mr. Warkentin’s design honours our country’s vibrant character and expresses Canadians’ celebration of life, of our people, of peace, stability and a flourishing bounty. It sends a signal, from east to west, that Canada is a nation looking forward to a future filled with promise.


The February 2000 coin-Ingenuity-features the work of John Jaciw of Windsor, Ontario. The coin celebrates Canadian ingenuity, representing a model society-prosperous farms, innovative cities, rapid safe transportation and an eye toward space.


The March 2000 25-cent coin-Achievement- features the work of Daryl Ann Dorosz of Calgary, Alberta. The coin embraces human achievement as Canada moves beyond earth to forge new ground in space research and development.


The April 2000 coin – Health – features the work of Anny Wassef of Beaconsfield, Quebec. The coin shows a ribbon on the left to represent any cause related to the world of medicine and, on the right, the caduceus that recalls the ongoing work in this field.


The coin, designed by Randy Trantau illustrates the nation’s pledge to protect its natural treasures for future generations. The design represents the artist’s hope for the environment in the next 1000 years – clean air, fresh water, healthy wildlife and thriving forests.


The Mint’s Harmony 25-cent coin was designed by Turkish-born Toronto artist Haver Demirer. The design depicts Canada as a tapestry of cultures and beliefs joined together to carry the nation forward. The illustration makes the symbol of Canada, the maple leaf, into a symbol of how people can live together in peace and unity.

July The 25-cent Millennium coin chosen for issue in July 1999 was designed by Maria H. Sarkany of Burlington, Ontario. Her winning design in the Mint’s “Create a Centsation Contest” is entitled “A Nation of People” and was inspired by her love of Canada.

The coin celebrates Canada’s ethnic and cultural diversity with an image of six people drawn with one continuous line. They represent law and order, learning, teaching, the arts, and the love of nature and sports. Launching of the coin on Canada Day, July 1 occurred simultaneously in three ethnically diverse cities across Canada: in Vancouver, British Colombia; Toronto, Ontario; and Montreal, Quebec.

A talented artist, Maria Sarkany was born and educated in Transylvania, Romania where she attended a fine arts school. Following work as a china decorator in Vienna, Austria, she moved to Canada in 1970. She has worked for Westinghouse Canada Inc., as an illustrator and lives in Burlington with her husband, John and daughter, Rita.


The August 2000 coin, Family, features the work of North West Coast First Nation’s artist Wade Stephen Baker (Mintle-e-da-us). Wade Baker’s coin design is a tribute to the family, the fabric of Canadian society. The artist’s inspiration for the design came from his own family experience, and the symbolic use of the wolf underscores his personal commitment to his people, his wife, and his child.

September The 25-cent Millennium coin chosen for September 1999 was designed by Claudia Bertrand of Beauport, Quebec. Entitled “Canada Through a Child’s Eye”, the September coin depicts three people holding hands.

At age 10, Claudia is the youngest person ever to have designed a Canadian coin. In conceiving her design, she wanted to represent people holding hands symbolizing friendship and peace. Her design was chosen from among more than 60,000 designs submitted to the Royal Canadian Mint in the “Create a Centsation!” Millennium Coin Design Contest.

The coin launch held in Beauport, Quebec, on August 27, 1999, was attended by the Honorable Denis Coderre, Secretary of State (Amateur Sport), acting on behalf of the Honorable Alfonso Gagliano, federal Minister of Public Works and Government Services and Minister responsible for the Royal Canadian Mint, and Mrs. Danielle Wetherup, President of the Mint.

October he 25-cent Millennium coin chosen for October 1999 was designed by Jason Edward Read of North Vancouver, British Colombia. Entitled “A Tribute to First Nations” the coin features images of an eagle, a bear and a killer whale, and pays tribute to the first inhabitants of Canada.

Jason Edward Read is a member of the Sko:al band and his native roots are very much a part of his daily life. Art has always been of interest to Jason and he has been drawing and painting since he was young. A chance to pay homage to the original inhabitants of Canada and his love of art drove Jason to enter the “Create a Centsation!” contest.

The coin was launched in a ceremony at the Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver, British Colombia and attended by First Nations Tribal Territory Elders, and Danielle Wetherup, President and Master of the Royal Canadian Mint.

November The 25-cent Millennium coin chosen for November 1999 was designed by Brian R. Bacon of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Entitled “The Airplane Opens the North” the coin salutes the bush plane that helped open northern Canada. Bush planes were used for mail, mining exploration, surveying and transporting goods and people to remote locations previously accessible only by watercraft, dog sled or on foot.

Brian R. Bacon was born and raised in Winnipeg, and worked for thirty-four years as a member ofhe Winnipeg Fire Department. Both his father and grandfather were artists by profession, and drawing has always been one of his favourite pastimes.

The coin was launched in a ceremony in Carp, Ontario on November 1, 1999. A new 25-cent coin will be introduced each month throughout 1999 and 2000 as part of the Royal Canadian Mint Millennium coin program.

December The 25 cent coin for December 1999 was designed by J.L. Pierre Provencher of Nicolet Quebec. Entitled “This is Canada”, the coin celebrates the diversity and many faces of Canada. The coin features images of native dwellings, cities, mountains, forests, wheat fields and the wheels of industry.
J.L. Pierre Provencher resides in Nicolet, Quebec and is retired from a 35 year career as a director of purchasing for the Department of National Defence. Throughout his life, he has made full use of his artistic talents. Eighth in a family of twelve, he had to always set aside his desire to study art, and developed his talent through self teaching.
The coin was launched in the annual Christmas Lights Across Canada ceremony in Charlottetown, PEI, on December 2, 1999.