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“Alf” is the Swiss word for “elf.” This Alfie is an elf who lives in a Christmas tree world all year long. During the summer, the winter’s ski slopes turn into golf courses. Alfie has combined both seasons by taking a summertime golf ball and and turning it into a winter tree ornament. Seeing this ball hanging from an evergreen might incline some “eagle” to think it was destined for him when it was first hit. Alas, it went into the rough where Alfie found it. Perhaps there’s a story here: you may aim for something, but fail–finding yourself “in the rough.” But with the help of someone with “spritely” good humor and intentions, you can recover and be placed in a higher position you never dreamt possible. Thanks for the message, Alfie! We also appreciate the marker coin that is put on the green in place of the golf ball.