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Literally “Son of Talmai”, Bartholomew was a disciple of Jesus. There is no mention of him in the Gospels other than in the lists of the twelve men. (Matthew 10:3.)

The ancient historian, Jerome, said that Bartholomew made a missonary journey to India, then died at Albaropolis in Armenia. Legend says he was flayed alive, hence he is usually depicted in artworks with a knife in his hand.

I have placed the knife in his belt and I posed him leaning out to hear the words of Jesus uttered during the last supper. Michelangelo used his own face for that of the Saint when depicting St. Bartholomew in the Last Judgement Fresco. I have given my statue some of Michelangelo’s dominate features, in particuler his broken nose. The selection of his scripture is from Luke, where Jesus foretells his closest companions that they will suffer much for their faith and their mission.