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This huge fellow is a dream come true; for children, that is. How many times have children wished for a protector, guardian or bodyguard in their lives and in their fantasies? Someone to tackle the obstacles in front as the child carries the ball right behind him.

This Gatekeeper protects as well as provides for his charge. Whatever is wanted or needed, he can find. One large pocket of his gigantic overcoat is a storehouse of hardware (screwdrivers, nails, files, etc.) while the other is reserved for groceries (snacks, treats for animals, drinks, etc.)

The Gatekeeper can be a silent background presence of strength, like Punjab was for Little Orphan Annie. He is the Camp Counselor, Youth Director, Scoutmaster, Coach, Security Guard all rolled into one. He is helpmate and playmate. He has everything ready for the child’s day . . . and he cleans up when the young “Master” has gone to bed.

The Gatekeeper is someone every child wants in his life. But, until this fantasy comes true, aren’t they fortunate to have parents who do all this for them!?