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Hoagie joins the Cairn Railroad – at lunchtime! He is ready for the noon meal: his lunchbox is in his lap and his linen napkin is tied around his neck. I gave him a coin that says “Cafe” and is good for one free cup of coffee. Elegant dining cars were not a part of train life until the late 1880s. Even the Transcontinental Express, a venture created by two New York theatrical promoters to celebrate the nation’s Centennial in 1876 with luxurious accommodations and record-setting speed, had only a combination mail, baggage and kitchen car (similar to Hoagie’s). Instead, trains stopped en route at dining stations or “eating houses.” Passengers were given thirty minutes to bolt down their meals, assuming they could catch the eye of the over-worked waiter! Whether breakfast, lunch or dinner, the same meal of steak, eggs and potatoes was served. Many, like Hoagie, chose to pack their own provisions. So each morning he makes himself a fortifying sandwich, snaps his lunchbox shut, and heads off to workin’ on the railroad. His train car is leaning slightly backwards – he’s had a few too many lunch breaks. When you think of lunch, think of Hoagie!