If the Shoe Fits


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Tanner and Son are the best cobblers in the Gnome community. They use only the finest Moroccan leather and these cobblers’ craft a shoe with a thick bottom crust to go with a flexible top layer. The shoe block that Mr. Tanner and son are using is for a small human foot. The shoe will be a gift to a child who believes in Gnomes. Apparently, Mr. Tanner has taken a shine to this youngster! When Mr. Tanner’s son was growing up, he didn’t like “toeing the line,” so he decided not to become a cobbler and he left home of a long solitary journey. When he got “down at the heel,” he decided to come home and get a job. The shoe was now on the other foot, but Mr. Tanner welcomed him home and offered him a job as a cobbler. “Dad, said the son, “yours are big shoe to fill.but I do like to save soles.” The older Tanner responded, “then, if the shoe fits.”