Last 100 Years


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It has been a real race for Bannister, the turtle, and Lewis, the hare, to make it from 1900 to 1999. It would seem that the race belonged to the swift, but Lewis became fascinated and fixated with the monument around which they were racing. There are approximately 550 names and events listed by decade and as Dr. Clark so aptly explains … “The choice of persons, products and occurrences is highly subjective and reflects my personal experiences and viewpoint. My criteria was, first, their influence on history and/or American life and, second, were they charismatic persons known by a public that didn’t even follow their particular accomplishments. Some omissions were “costars”, for instance, Princess Diana made the list while Prince Charles did not. Some omissions just didn’t have “pizzazz”; the Empire State Building made the list, but the World Trade Center did not. There are some 50 events listed that literally “stopped the presses.” Because the media focuses so much on entertainment and sports, there are over 35 athletes and about 50 actors. There are nearly 100 persons who were not American, from Queen Victoria to Saddam Hussein, but who affected the mind, body or spirit of the American people.” At the finish line Myles Post, the gnome, is at the ready with his checkered flag. The snail, although he was given a 20-year head start, is in dead-last place. While Bannister traveled slow enough around the 100 year course to be able to read most of the list he nevertheless beat his competitor only by a “hare!” Artist’s Note: This statue combines the work of all three Cairn Studio artists: Tom Clark, Tim Wolfe, and David Merck.