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“Honest, it was this big..maybe bigger! I’ve never seen such a fish in this neck of the woods! I’ve fished here all my life and not until today have I caught anything to match it.

Well, I know it got away, but I did get it out of the water. It flipped up, and I swear he looked at me like he wanted to see who finally caught him. Then back in the water and – snap – the line broke.

By golly, he was a stunner, or I’m not named for my Uncle Orvis. And I got another thing to tell ya…I’m really not sorry he got away. I hope he’s down there telling his friends about me like I’m telling you about him, and when he gets ready to give me the eye again, I’ll be up here waiting. A fisherman’s best catch is always just a day away.”

Note: Orv is based on Montana fishing legends Dale and Ray Alt.