Patriotic Santa


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Santa Claus is known by many people in many countries. The first stories of St. Nicholas are from Turkey (200 AD.) As the legends became more diverse so did St. Nicks costumes. By the time of the 20th century, Santa was known in western Europe and America primarily as the main character in the poem, “Tis The Night Before Christmas.” The jolly ole elf was most popularly depicted in an all red suit with fur trimming and the look was derived from the so-called Coco Cola Santa introduced in the early 1900’s. This is the style that 1 have expanded upon in my Santa Claus statues. When Mr. and Mrs. Claus set their sights on the United States they wear a lapel pin of the American flag. “I put it over my heart” says Santa, “Because my heart aches for the ones affected by September 11th… and also because the American spirit of giving comes from the heart.” Yes, Santa and Belle Kringle belong to all nations, but they’ve given their hearts to America.