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The stands are full of gnomes enjoying a GNBA sponsored game. You can almost hear the cheering. Please forgive the two ladies in the middle of the row for taking this time to catch up on some gossip. Look closer and you’ll see a gnome calling to a friend across the way, and yet another trying to locate the concession stand. The court is regulation in every detail. Just add the players to the court and the game can begin. Watch out for the mascot – he likes to be all over the place. Number 3 is getting ready to put the ball into play. Players 1 and 2 are alert and ready, hoping to receive the in-bound pass so they can move it down the court. All the action will be caught by Shutterbug, the photographer, who is underneath one of the baskets. If he’s too close, he’ll be a part of the action himself. Every move is closely watched by Ref who inconspicuously stands under the other basket. Let the game begin!