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When he was a young kitten, Tom (the cat) loved to play with toys, especially balls of yarn. Toys play an important role for kittens – they are a substitute for actual prey. As they play with objects, kittens are actually practicing their stalking and hunting techniques. Now that he is an adult, Tom doesn’t play with toys quite as often – now he plays with the real thing! He especially enjoys live-mouse-tossing. That isn’t to say Tom couldn’t be “purr-suaded” into playing with this ball of yarn. It has definitely captured his attention . . . Go on, Tom! Have some fun! Whether or not a black cat brings good luck or bad has changed over the centuries and varies from country to country. In Britain, for example, a black cat crossing your path brings good luck! Here in America it is just the opposite; and in the American Midwest, it is good luck if a black cat visits your house, bad luck if it stays. Rest assured that Tom is a lucky black cat; he even has a four-leaf clover on the rug beside him!