Santa Paws


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At Christmas time the woods are full of Santa impostors and it seems like there is always some furry fellow dressed in a red suit on every corner and in every department store. Children who question how Santa can be in so many places at the same time are told that these guys are just Santa’s helpers, and that the real Santa never reveals himself. Well, the real Santa is actually . . . a bear. That’s right! He’s a big burly bear and his real title is Santa Paws, not Claus. (The Claus was actually derived from Santa’s Claws which are quite large, as you can readily see.) Everything else you’ve heard about Santa is true. Yes, he drives a sleigh pulled by reindeer, and yes, he crawls down chimneys. Santa Paws comes bearing gifts! He has a sack full of toys for good Girls and Boys. There’s a ball in his sack, a horn, a rubber duckie, and . . . is that a gnome? Santa is depicted holding his favorite gift – a teddy bear and he looks like he might want to keep this one for himself! Give it up Santa . . . the elves can always make more. Merry Christmas Everyone!