Sing Out America


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One beautiful fall morning in 2001, thousands of school children stood in their classrooms and sang “God Bless America.” At precisely the same time all over the country these young innocent fresh voices were joyfully praising their nation in unison.

Singing out in patriotism is the theme of this statue. The “Patriot” is the gnome, saluting his country and proudly displaying the red, white and blue colors on his jacket. The songs surrounding him are the national anthem and beloved hymns with a national theme. Behind the Patriot are slogans that remind us of our resolve in keeping freedom alive.

When Francis Scott Key saw the United States flag “still waving” after a night of darkness and battle, his spirits were lifted in admiration for his country. The darkness of September 11, 2001, serves as a background for the courage, steadfastness and faith of all those so deeply affected by that day of infamy.

As this little gnome Patriot symbolizes, we will not succumb to the darkness of dispair and hopelessness. Rather we will sing out in praise of America the Beautiful!